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Utilizing Portable Computers in Diagnostic Tests, Surgical Procedures, and Communication

Computer software is used in diagnosing diseases. It is utilized in the examination of bodily parts and internal organs. Advanced computer systems are being utilized to examine parts of the human body. A number of the complicated surgeries are performed through computers. Computer-assisted surgery (CAS) is an advancing field in medicine, which combines computer intelligence with medical expertise for a faster and precise result in surgery.

In CAS, analysis of the patient is made before surgery. This surgical procedure is adapted in a virtual image for the patient. The surgeries are then done with a surgical robot as programmed by a medical professional, and the robot assists the doctors while doing the real surgery. In either case, the computer works and becomes an underlying tool for surgical procedure.

Utilizing Portable Computers in Diagnostic Tests, Surgical Procedures, and Communication

Utilizing Diagnostic Tests and Computer Technology

The various types of monitoring equipment in these hospitals are oftentimes grounded on computer programs. Medical imaging techniques to make images of the body’s anatomy are generated for medical purposes. A lot of the modern techniques in imaging and scanning are hugely computer based. People are able to do a lot of these advance imaging techniques because of the development of computers.

Utilizing Portable Computers in Diagnostic Tests, Surgical Procedures, and Communication

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) also utilizes computer software. Computing tomography utilizes digital geometry processing methods to acquire 3-D images. Advanced infrared cameras and computers are utilized to obtain high-resolution imaging. Computers are vastly utilized in 3-D imaging. Many modern-day medical equipment have portable computers. A lot of the medical facilities these days work with preprogrammed instructions. The logic and circuitry in the majority of this medical equipment are computer based. The functionality of emergency alarms, hospital-bed systems, X-ray machines, and other medical equipment is also computer based.

Utilizing Portable Computers in Diagnostic Tests, Surgical Procedures, and Communication

Communication between Patients and Medical Practitioners

Computer networking allows for faster communication. Portable computers and the internet enable faster interaction among patients and doctors. This is very important in letting doctors know about certain emergencies or urgent situations that may occur while he is probing the hospital or medical facility.

Doctors also collaborate better with the internet on their computers. It is now possible to acquire an expert opinion through the internet and to get in touch with a professional at the other side of the globe. Such communication transpires within minutes. It is because of these computer-networking technologies that communication has become fast and easy.

Portable Computer: Helpful Tool In the Field of Medicine

Today, computer technology has gone a long way in helping all sectors of the society make things easier and faster. In medicine, portable computers are very useful, they can be used in every part of the hospital and various softwares can be developed to serve the patients more effectively.

The advantages of portable computer programming in medicine are the following:

Diagnostic Tests

Portable Computer: Helpful Tool In the Field of Medicine
  • In diagnostic tests, portable computers help in the monitoring of equipment in hospitals which have programming systems to make things faster. Also, it can lessen manpower resources as portable computers can do multiple tasks throughout the hospital.
  • It can be used as a tool to see medical imaging with techniques in creating images of the human body. In fact, modern methods of imaging and scanning uses portable computers and computer technology and physicians were able to do advanced imaging techniques through the advancement of computer technology.
  • In creating images for magnetic resonance, it employs the use of computer technology to generate 3-D images. The computed tomography is using digital geometry techniques to have 3-D images. Today, sophisticated portable computers together with infrared cameras have been used to get high-resolution images.
  • When talking about modern medicine, they are now using portable programmed computers because they can do the job faster because of pre-programmed manuals. Currently, there are portable computers in hospitals that are programmed to function as beeping systems of beds, X-ray machines, alarm systems at emergency rooms and other departments and other medical appliance.


Portable computers are used as a tool to communicate with doctors and patients and share knowledge between medical practitioners. The networking system makes communication faster. It is possible to get the opinion of experts in a matter of seconds by the use of networking and internet, even those who in both ends of the world can communicate; thus it makes work easier. Portable computers can be a tool for medical practitioners to discuss issues about medicine like writing blogs, articles and medical journals.

Portable Computer: Helpful Tool In the Field of Medicine

The advantages of portable computers in medicine are unlimited and it gives a new dimension in this field.