Significance of Portable Computers in Medicine

Portable computers have a key role in people’s everyday life. They can store huge amount of data, enable faster processing and information and possess software that has built-in intelligence. These computers can do wonders with the collaboration of human intellect. With the capacity of computers to do many tasks and responds to them faster, they function into a level which is close to a human brain. Thus, computers can be used in different fields such as storage and data processing, engineering, networking, scheduling and planning, education and medicine. Portable computers in medicine have many uses, the following are:

Storage of Health Information and Patient Data

Significance of Portable Computers in Medicine
  • Computers are excellent means of storage of health and patient information. In hospitals, they use computers and computer technologies to maintain medical records.
  • Often, computers are very important to maintain detailed, specific and history of medical records. Generally, doctors require a list of personal information like the patient’s genetics, physical disabilities and ailments of the family, diagnosed diseases and their prescribed medicines. With so many patients to deal with everyday and their information, computers are very essential.
  • Computers track the billing and prescription records. They can store data about the patient’s prescribed medicines including the list of medicines which cannot be used because of allergies.
  • Computers are efficient storage of so many medical records since the medical field has a vast base of information. Computers are the best tools to house this vast information.
  • Also, it is not limited to storing patients’ information but includes medical journals, important medical records, diagnosis and research papers and reference in electronic format.

Used in Surgical Procedures

  • Computer software can be used in diagnosing different kinds of diseases. They can examine the internal organs of the human body because there are advanced and sophisticated computers that can be used.
  • In some instances, complicated surgery operations are performed with computers. Computer-assisted Surgeries (CAS) are becoming more advanced and widely used in the area of medicine, combining the efforts of doctors’ medical expertise with the help of computer intelligence to give more accurate results and faster surgical procedures. In the conduct of CAS, before the scheduled operation, doctors’ create a model patient to be analyzed first and the procedure has the patient’s virtual image.
  • Surgical operations can be performed by surgical robots, programmed by medical professionals or the surgical robot can assist doctors in the actual surgery.

True enough, portable computers play an important role in people’s everyday life and this has got through in the field of medicine. The above information tells everyone that computers are very useful in medicine and computer intelligence is working very well.